Amazing Features

Our Apps come with tons of great features to further enhance your brand and connection with your audience.

Push Notifications

Send messages directly to mobile devices regarding upcoming events, specials, news, etc.

Ratings and Review

Provides a mechanism to solicit reviews and to control your reputation management.

Events Calendar

A button that allows your audience to view upcoming events.

Loyalty Rewards

Customize a reward program for your most loyal customers.

Shopping Cart

Allow your audience to view and purchase merchandise from their mobile device.


Be able to link to your YouTube Channel to display videos within the app.


Allow your audience to enter contests which increases engagement as well as referrals.

Special Offers

Special offers, deals, scratch off cards and coupons are a great way to get customers to spend more.

Call Us or Chat

Allows your audience to call or chat wtih you directly from the home screen.

Appointment Booking

Provides a way for users to book appointments.

Referral Rewards

Provides a way to reward others for referring family and friends.

Social Media

Provide a direct link to your social media channels.


Automatically send messages when your audience physically enters a preset location.

VIP Membership

Provide users a way to get to get additional content or services through an in-app membership plan.

Gift Cards

Provide a way for your audience to purchase gift cards directly from their mobile device.

Image Gallery

Display pictures of employees, customers and events.

Email and Text Marketing

Gather phone numbers and email addresses at app download to setup email and text marketing campaigns.


Including forms, newsletters, website integration, employee scheduling and check-in, ticketing and more!

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